CoLLaR Puller Dog Training Tool - Two rings

Puller is an interactive toy for dog and their owners that allows you to give your pet a very intensive workout in a short period of time by encouraging them to pull, jump and run. Lightweight, odourless, buoyant, and safe for dog's teeth and gums.

Puller Mini is designed for miniature and small-sized medium dogs weighing 5 to 15kg, and 2-3 month old puppies weighing more than 5kg. Diameter: 18cm, Thickness: 2cm, Weight of 1 ring: 59g

Puller Midi is designed for medium and large sized dogs from 10 to 30kg, and as an intermediate size for training large breed puppies. Diameter: 19.5cm, Thickness: 3cm, Weight of 1 ring: 110g 

Puller Standard is designed for large breed dogs from 25 to 50kg. Diameter: 28cm, Thickness: 4cm, Weight of 1 ring: 245g

  • 20 minutes of training with Puller = 5km running
  • Pack of 2 rings
  • Please note this is not a chew toy

 Check out this video for ideas on how to use the Puller for exercise:

Running: Throw Puller rings one by one. When the dog brings one ring, show them the other ring and throw it, and so on. If the dog does not want to give the ring back, show them the second one. This exercise trains a dog to retrieve an item and helps to develop speed and agility.

Jumping: Dog jumps and catches a Puller ring. Once the dog grabs the ring, give another one instead. The dog should release the first ring and jump after the second, and so on. This exercise trainings dog's attention and reaction skills. Recommended for dogs over 1 year old.

Pulling: Dog pulls Puller rings that you hold in your hands. To maintain the dog's motivation, you can periodically give him a ring. This exercise improves dog's strength and stamina. Usage of two rings may train a dog to give an item back.