French Azure Uniclip Lite Strap Dog Harness


The Coco & Pud UniClip Lite is a single buckle step-in harness designed to make walking your dog easier than ever.

Light weight, durable and easily washable for everyday wear.

Your dog simply steps into the straps and the single UniClip buckle fastens with one easy click.

French Azure is inspired by the allure of the fresh summer flowers of Provence and Marseilles in the French Riviera. French Azure is a unique and exclusive design by Coco & Pud Australia.

Created to complete the French Azure look which includes reversible Lead, collar & bow tie, Bandana and waste bag.

    • Made from double sided printed polyester webbing strap
    • Light weight material and buckle so your pet can move around freely
    • Durable non rust fittings
    • Perfect travel pet harness
    • Great for hot summer days
    • Easily adjustable
    • Easily washable
    • Doesn't get caught up in pets long fur like traditional harnesses

    Available in the following sizes: (See Size Chart attached)

    XS     Neck: 25-28cm  Chest: 27-35cm
    S/M  Neck: 34-43cm  Chest: 37-52cm
    M/L  Neck: 47-64cm  Chest: 52-84cm
    XL    Neck: 57-83cm   Chest: 68-109cm