Green Lipped Mussels - 50gm

Get your dog jumping for joy! Gourmate’s Organic Green Lipped Mussels are not only a delicious and sustainable snack, they’re packed with superfood goodness to support your dogs’ joints. 

High-tech freeze drying preserves these mussels in a 100% natural state - locking in nutrition and flavour and staying fresh without the need for preservatives, or fishy pockets. 

  • Supports dog joint health and relief from inflammation and arthritis thanks to a unique combination of omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and phospholipids

  • Natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals for your dog’s skin, coat, eyes, and cardiovascular health 

  • Single ingredient seafood treat suitable for most hypoallergenic diets

  • No additives or preservatives, grain and gluten free

  • No oils removed from the mussel meat

  • Proudly made in New Zealand from organic Stewart Island mussels

  • Home compostable packaging


Organic Green Lipped Mussel - that’s all

Product of New Zealand

Feeding guide:

Pet treats are intended for supplement feeding only. We recommend 1-2 whole mussels per day as a snack, hide and seek treat, or dinner topper.