Light Up Cat Teaser Toy - Famy Fish (Light Blue and Pink)

For cats, playing is a completely natural instinct, or to put it another way, for house cats playing is a practical manner of satisfying their urge to hunt. This is particularly important for indoor cats, as it provides them with a distraction and keeps them both mentally and physically fit. 

The Famy cat toy can satisfy this instinct as it is a classic cat teaser toy with ‘prey animals’ which move realistically, gives a large play area, and above all keeps hands out of reach of those sharp cat claws! Famy also offers more than other cat toys: the fun little figures on the end of the string have fluffy feathery attachments that flutter during play and make the toy even more enticing. What’s more, the figures light up in reaction to movement, so your cat receives appealing feedback while it hunts the toy figures. 43cm.