Los Angeles Dog Carrier/Sling

Comfortable for both human & pup, you'll forget you even have it on! Fabulous when juggling phones, coffees and shopping bags.

The Los Angeles Sling Bag is a super soft cross-body carrier option. Unlike other bags, whose designs are based on traditional shopping bags, the soft Los Angeles carrier bag has a very organic design.

These extra cosy bags are mainly intended for puppies and smaller dogs up to a maximum of 8 kilos. As you are able to carry the Los Angeles bag across the body like a cross-body-bag, the soft material and the “unstructured” design gives a very natural feeling to your little dog. For young and insecure dogs it can be comforting to be carried close to your body in this manner.

You can also clip your dog’s collar to the nylon strap with a carabiner provided in the bag and, thus, ensure additional safety. The fabric, a super-soft polyester-cotton blend, used to make the Los Angeles carrier bag is extremely low-maintenance and can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees.