Opal + Sage Green Calcite - Raw Boxed Crystal

renew + balance + vitality

Bring natural, healing, and positive energy into your home with these beautiful raw crystals from Opal & Sage. The energy crystals hold can improve not only yours but your pet's health and wellbeing also. Each crystal is beautifully packaged and holds a different set of energies.
Please note that each individual crystal will vary in colour, shape and size.

Simply leave the green calcite somewhere near your pet e.g their bed. Avoid green calcite coming into contact with water as it will dissolve. Green Calcite is known to help alleviate depression and anxiety which is very good for the more timid and anxious pets. If your pet is especially anxious and perhaps having a panic attack, it can help to put the crystal directly on their back as both the weight and the energy are comforting for the animal.

Note: Please make sure the crystals you put in your pet's water bowls are water safe and non toxic. Our team at Charli & Coco have done research into the crystals we stock and have ensured that we give the correct care and handling information to our customers. Please also note that as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that what you give to your pet is safe e.g if your pet likes to chew on things, it may not be the best idea to leave the animal unsupervised with the crystal however this all depends on your animal's personality and nature.