Ruffle Snuffle Mat

Discover the benefits of Snuffle Mats! For dogs that become easily bored & restless, anxious pups, or guzzlers who wolf their food and treats down, these decor-friendly interactive enrichment puzzle mats will engage your dog’s mind by encouraging their natural foraging skills while they search for their food, treats or toys inside the felt folds. 

Make your dogs nose and brain to work by mimicking the natural hunt for food.

The Snuffle Mat is versatile, easy to use, & the non-slip finish on the underside will hold it in place so that is does not slip or move while your pup is busy sniffing away. The soft fleece material is also machine or hand washable (cool wash), making it quick and easy to clean at a moment's notice to keep it fresh and looking like new for longer. Has a self fabric hanging tab for easy storage when not in use.


  • Helps train your dog's sense of smell and mimics natural snuffling instincts by encouraging them to search for their snacks or favourite toys hidden within the folds.
  • Helps relieve stress, anxiety and boredom
  • Keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day, helping them to avoid engaging in destructive behavior, while simultaneously burning away their excess energy to slowly calm them down.
  • Great for exercise - it is said that 10 minutes of snuffling is equivalent to 1 hour of running. Great for rainy days.
  • Great for slow feeding
  • Multi-layered design, featuring a bite-resistant and soft fleece upper, with an anti-slip bottom.
  • Wonderful crate activity

MEASUREMENTS: 45cm diameter