St Argo Poop Bags

Poop bags have never been so cute, or so practical. Take care of business (in style) with St Argo's biodegradable poop bags.

Here's why we love them:

The quality. There's a no split guarantee. When it comes to picking up dog s**t... you need a guarantee.

The feel. Made from the highest grade PBAT + talc composition. Silky, thick and non-stick. 

The-texture. Added thickness = discreet pick up.

The composition. These babies break down completely after 80 days in compost conditions (ie. your bin).

The look. There's something EXTRA about a nude poop bag.


100% Biodegradable - breaks down after 80 day in a compost environment (such as landfill).

Composition: Biodegradable PBAT and talc.

CARE: Keep your poop bags away from water to avoid early biodegration.