Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit

This kit holds a curated collection of exquisite handmade wooden Beechwood and Walnut grooming tools, arranged within a sleek and breathable bag.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pet owner, this kit equips you with all the essentials to keep your dog's or cat's appearance sleek, stylish and comfortable. 

Comes in beautiful packaging, making it the perfect gift choice for cat and dog owners, or for yourself.


1 x Hairy Multi-Brush - For brushing the coat and enhancing shine.
Ergonomic brush made with stainless steel needles with protective ball tips and premium Beachwood.

1 x Hairy Slicker Brush - Ideal for removing loose hair.
Ergonomic medium slicker made durable fine stainless steel needles.

1 x Hairy Shedding Rake - Effectively thins the undercoat.
Ergonomic medium rake with an exceptionally sharp stainless steel blade.

1 x Hairy Nail Scissors - Designed for precise nail and dew claw trimming.
Scissors made from walnut and exceptionally sharp stainless steel that can cut/trim nails and dew claws to help maintain your pets comfort.  

1 x Hairy Comb - An all-purpose grooming tool
Minimalist wooden comb with an array of strong stainless steel needles.

1 x Hairy Dog Bag - Storage and transportation
Breathable mesh nylon bag with some extra space for anything else you want to keep neatly together. 

Bag Dimensions: 220mm x 70mm x 180mm


Step 1: Gently use a Hairy rake to remove matted clumps and thin your pet's undercoat, following the natural direction of hair growth (usually from head to tail). Use 1-2 times per week, but the frequency may depend on your pet's coat and breed. For best results, use before or after washing or drying.

Step 2: Gently use a Hairy slicker to brush out and remove loose and dead hair from your pet's coat.

Step 3: Carefully remove any strands of fur trapped within the needles of the Hairy Slicker. For faster removal of Hair from the Slicker, hold the slicker steady with one hand while using the Hairy Comb between the needles to gently remove it.

Step 4: Use the Hairy Comb to find any matted areas left on your pet's coat or to help style with a pair of scissors for your pet's unique look.

Step 5: Use the metal side of the Hairy brush to massage, detangle, and stimulate the coat, aiding in the distribution of natural oils. Then, use the dark brush side for a final polish, giving your dog's coat a nice shine. Exercise extra caution when working near the eyes, stomach, legs, genitals, and anus.

Step 6: Use Hairy Nail Scissors to trim your pet's nails or dew claws for comfort.


Avoid immersing the Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit accessories in water and allow them to air dry naturally if water comes in contact. Also, refrain from storing the accessories in any damp or restricted-light areas. To protect brush metal bristles always put into bag first with metal bristles facing down.