Julius LED Spot

The latest accessory from Julius-K9®, the JK9®LED SPOT, which comes with a very practical mount, makes your dog visible even in the darkest environments.

With its hook and loop fastened mount, you can attach the light to your dog’s harness, collar or even your own bag or clothes. Thanks to the design of the hook and loop fastened mount it can be closed tightly, so it is very stable and does not get caught in anything when properly fastened.

The JK9®LED SPOT can be inserted into the light mount on the neck element of the JK9®Mantrailing with a simple click.

The 10-lumen light is easily noticeable even from 500 metres, so you can recognise your dog in complete safety while walking in the evening. The lamp has three modes: continuous lighting, slow flashing, and continuous flashing. In slow flashing mode, the battery life lasts over one thousand hours, however the battery can be replaced. The light is splash-proof but must be removed before washing.

A CR2032 replaceable battery is included with the device.