Orbee-Tuff Woof Ball

At Planet Dog, they really speak Dog, and they know Woof means Woof! Their Orbee-Tuff® Woof Ball is perfect for tossing, floating, and fetching, at the dog’s command. The Woof ball is no frills – but the dogs love it, loud and clear!

The Woof Ball is perfect for chewing, tossing, fetching, and floating. It’s rated 5 out 5 chompers on the PD Durability Scale, making it perfect for tough chewers and fanatical fetchers.

5 out of 5 the Planet Dog Chew-O-Meter. Suitable for aggressive chewers.

Highlights / Features:

– Durable and suitable for aggressive chewers
– Colours – Pink / Green
– Eco-friendly
– Non-toxic
– 100% Manufacturers Guarantee
– Made in USA

One size (7.5cm)