Orii Ultra Lightweight Travel Mat - Size L (Fern)

Inspired by the first three folding lines when making an origami crane, Orii is a contemporary take on traditional crafts. The diagonal quilting lines are not only decorative but also hold the mat flat and prevent it from being rolled up as the pup moves around on top.

For both function and comfort, the modern square format quilt is made out of a lighter weight version of Lambwolf's signature showerproof, wipeable and extremely breathable performance fabric Lannel. The mat is thinly padded to stay compact.

This mat is designed to be ultra lightweight and portable with a matching water resistant tube carrier. An adjustable strap is added to make it easy to be worn cross-body. Together with the tube carrier:

The Lannel is wipeable and with it being used on both sides of the mat, a few quick wipes will keep it mint!

Designed to be light gear without the "gear" look, Orii is perfect for urban and city use. It is meant for half a day in the city or your pup’s short stay at a friend’s, or for use as a place/independence/mat training mat. Please note that the mat is not meant for warmth or as a heavy duty camping gear.

Measures: 80cm x 80cm (L)

Sizing is provided here for reference only. We suggest you measure the length of your pup and choose the best size according to the usual resting positions. The Orii is designed in a square format and should be taken into consideration when selecting the size. When in doubt, we recommend you size up!