St Argo Harness

This harness is crafted using St Argo's signature smooth vegan leather. The exterior is offset with a minimalistic lining of dark cream for the taupe colourway, chocolate brown for the midnight navy colourway and matching blush pink for the pink colourway. This piece is finished with light gold hardware for the taupe and navy harnesses and rose gold for the pink harness. 
Fits on your dog via the adjustable chest strap. D-slot on both the neck and back for ease of use. 
Thicker stomach strap width to ensure total comfort for your dog.
We recommend measuring your dog's chest girth and neck circumference, before purchasing, to ensure you order the most comfortable size. 
Chest strap: 28- 35cm
Neck strap: 25cm
Width: 1cm
Recommended Breeds: Chihuahuas
Chest strap: 40-55cm
Neck strap: 35cm
Width: 1.5cm
Recommended Breeds: Cavoodle, Mini Dachshund
Chest strap: 50-65cm
Neck strap: 45cm
Width: 2cm
Recommended Breeds: French Bulldog
Chest strap: 60-80cm
Neck strap: 55cm
Width: 2.5cm
Recommended Breeds: Husky, Dalmatian
Chest strap: 70-90cm
Neck strap: 60cm
Width: 3cm
Recommended Breeds: Labrador